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It used to be that a job was a career. Today, a career is a series of roles, twists, turns, and pivots. The workplace, workforce, and work journey have changed. Are you and your teams ready for the Future of Work?

Our Approach

Hilgart offers customizable programs, coaching, tools, assessments, and insights to help leaders, managers, and professionals attain the skill sets and mindsets needed for their work evolution.

Lead Organizations Forward





Getting your organization prepared for the future starts with strong leadership from all levels of the organization. This lays a vital foundation for preparing your organization to shift.

Expected Outcomes

  • Leaders shape their strategy and leadership style
  • Leaders translate vision for teams
  • Managers and teams shift performance to align to organizational strategy

For Leaders & Teams

Vision and Values Strategy

Teams are stronger when each person understands how their work contributes to the company’s future. We work with leaders to align business strategy and corporate vision, and to help translate those tenets to the everyday activities of employees.

For Leaders & Managers

Executive Coaching

We partner with leaders to find opportunities to align business strategy with real leadership objectives, and offer the custom tools and skills that help leaders use their unique leadership style to inspire their teams.

Learn and Evolve New Skills and Mindsets





Engaging your leaders, managers and individual contributors in shifting to new ways of leading and working in your organization. Using our framework, they learn to: THINK FRAME PARTNER DELIVER™

Expected Outcomes

  • Leaders and teams understand how to adapt to meet the needs of the evolving workplace
  • Managers and Professionals upgrade their performance and add value to the organization
  • Your teams shift to the changing needs of the workplace

Our Programs Are

  • Experience-Focused
  • Tailored to your organization
  • Targeted content + engaging discussion
  • Measurable: Pre and Post Assessment
  • Multi-faceted learning (group, 1:1, and on-line)
  • Cohort-based with peer accountability
  • Practical application-based

Our Programs Are Not

  • Lecture-based
  • One-size-fits-all
  • Overwhelming participants with less relevant content
  • “Ticking the box” for completion
  • Passive Learning
  • Isolated
  • Theory-based only, Fluff

For Leaders

Featured Program

Leading in the Future State

While many leaders and managers lead successfully during “business as usual,” they need to pivot during times of change. Specifically, they must align to a new operating model, strategy, or circumstance and support senior leadership in shifting the organization toward future success. Based upon our THINK FRAME PARTNER DELIVER™ framework, we tailor this program to your organization’s strategy.

Addtional Programs

  • Strategic Thinking
  • Leading Change

For Managers

Featured Program

New Manager Academy

As translators of your strategy, frontline managers are responsible for their teams’ alignment to, and action on, your organization’s vision, especially in times of rapid change. This program is based upon our THINK FRAME PARTNER DELIVER™ framework. Our program enables managers to:

  • Shift from an “individual contributor” to a “manager” mindset
  • Embed practical mind- and skill-sets to motivate, delegate, and coach teams
  • Develop a leadership style that aligns with team member needs

Addtional Programs

  • Interview Skills
  • Leading Change

Programs for Evolving Professionals

Featured Program

Evolving Professionals™ Program

With growing automation, globalization and complexity, employees must evolve beyond being task-oriented. This program is based upon our THINK FRAME PARTNER DELIVER™ framework and survey tool, and a learning journey to support the mindset and skill-set development of professionals. Through reflecting, planning, and acting upon goals, participants in this customizable program learn to:
THINK with an organizational mindset
FRAME the approach
PARTNER with colleagues and teams
DELIVER outcomes

They upgrade their performance and add greater value to your company.

Addtional Programs

  • Consulting Skills
  • Strategic Thinking (with Teams)
  • Managing Your Career

Shift and Align Your Vision with Performance and Action





Leadership and learning go a long way toward achieving a desired organizational shift. Successful companies know that more is needed to create lasting results. Creating a broader plan for your organization to sustain success through team engagement, organizational culture, and more. We help facilitate the plan or position you to execute it on your own.

Expected Outcomes

  • Programs of change designed and implemented in alignment with the desired outcomes
  • Employees actively participate in building and maintaining the desired team and culture
  • Leaders, change leaders and Human Resources teams partner towards a common vision

For Leaders of Change

Change Program Partnership & Advisory

Employees are best equipped to shift to a new mindset when they are supported to discover for themselves where personal passions and the company vision meet. We partner with you to create and implement change programs that prioritize employee engagement, in turn ensuring the vision comes to life successfully.

For Teams

Culture Assessment & Alignment

Nothing is more important to a company’s success than building an inspiring culture across all dimensions. Using qualitative and quantitative measures, we assess company culture, then design programs that help a business evolve the essence of who it is, so company values don’t just live on paper but are lived and seen across the behavior of all employees.

For HR Leaders

Advancing Human Resources Professionals

We know that when all is said and done, it’s a company’s Human Resources team that is accountable for the ongoing success of organizational and people strategies. To ensure success, we involve HR teams from the beginning, via coaching, co-designing, or co-facilitating, and partnering with them as internal consultants to the business.

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