How to Connect to New Job Opportunities via Your Network

Whether you are currently employed and interested in learning about potential career opportunities for the longer term or are seeking a new role with a greater sense of urgency, you are no doubt aware that your professional network can be a tremendously helpful resource. But there are some pitfalls that

Beyond the Expert Consulting Model: a Career Change Success Story

“You are very brave.” That was the response that 49-year-old Rob Thorneycroft received from many when he closed the successful graphic design firm he had started 20 years ago in London and enrolled in a Masters Program in User Experience Design. Motivated by a combination of a desire for change,

Networking for Non-networkers

When we hear the word “networking,” it can conjure up images of the world’s “super-networkers” – people passing out reams of business cards at events and cocktail parties, telling savvy stories, and impressing you with their perfectly crafted 30-second elevator pitches. But this type of networking is not for everyone.