Why Your Strategy Presentation Is Boring Me

Organizational leaders are more aware than ever of the importance of an engaged, strategically-aligned workforce and the importance of employee engagement in achieving an organization’s goals. But what happens when one of those same leaders – one who invests wholeheartedly in employee engagement initiatives – holds a strategy presentation for

Coaching for Organizational Culture Change: Can it Work?

Coaching is all the rage these days. In our work as consultants and as executive coaches, we see the value that organizations can derive from coaching. And in our personal lives, friends and acquaintances share their own success stories of experiencing the benefits of coaching themselves. Alongside coaching, organizational “culture

From culture change to organizational re-structuring, if the change program you are leading is like most change agendas, there will be PowerPoint documents involved. It goes without saying that a well-structured strategy document is foundational to achieving the change your organization is working to achieve. At Hilgart, we also create