Unleash Your Creative Capital

At a first glance, executive acumen and creativity may appear to occupy separate spheres. One is traditionally viewed through the lens of hard rationality and sharp suits, while the other is associated with images of soft-focus new-age types in a circle singing Kum Ba Ya. However, with the growing pace

5 Ways to Perfectly Hook Your Audience

In a recent conversation with a corporate client, I asked for her opinion on what makes our workshops effective. Her answer was to the point – “It’s the hook,” she replied. “The hook,” she expressed, “is the ability to frame and position the workshop from the moment managers or employees

Networking for Non-networkers

When we hear the word “networking,” it can conjure up images of the world’s “super-networkers” – people passing out reams of business cards at events and cocktail parties, telling savvy stories, and impressing you with their perfectly crafted 30-second elevator pitches. But this type of networking is not for everyone.